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LEGENDARY POSES FOR M4 These 60 poses for Michael 4 have been lovingly hand-crafted down to the smallest detail. Each pose was designed to have the expressive weight worthy of a classic sculpture. Special care was taken that each pose exhibits proper form, balance and weight distribution from any viewing angle. I know you will enjoy working with them. All poses are designed to work with the base M4 figure, no morph packs required! Created and tested in Poser 7 for the PC. -Also Included- 12 MATERIAL SHADERS. Render these poses as if they were exquisite statues made of clay, bronze, gold, silver, ruby, plastic, onyx, terracotta and more! 7 LIGHTING SETUPS will let you recreate all the renders you see here. 17 HAND POSES to quickly and easily swap to the hand of position of your choice. IMPORTANT: These poses were designed with left and right leg Inverse Kinematics turned ON to make your adjustments and animations easier. The legs will bend correctly when raising and lowering the HIP or FEET. So make sure IK is turned ON BEFORE you load these poses! Happy Rendering!


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    December 3, 2012

    Thank you for very nice legendary poses!

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