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The Legend sword combat poses is a set of highly dynamic sword fighting poses for the Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 figures.

They include 3 sub-types of poses: EnGarde, for “on guard” characters that are studying the enemy deciding what’s the best move to perform or are getting ready to start a fight. Fighting, actual fighting poses that cover a wide range of positions and movements making it extremely easy to create fighting scenes small or large, most poses mix and match wonderfully, giving you a huge range of possibilities. Hit/Falling, your character was hit and/or is falling down: in a fight if one side is winning, the other is losing, use these poses for your out-of-luck characters; they can always have a comeback!

Each and every pose was carefully crafted with great attention to every detail: the shoulder, hip and neck position, the natural pose and action (or inaction) of the hands, the feet and toes position. They were referenced from actual combat fight, to look natural and realistic all around and offer you a great tool to create your sci-fi and fantasy fights.
All poses were perfected from every angle, always working with front, back, left and right cameras on display and rotated all around for a balanced look at 360°.
All poses were done completely from scratch, no dial already set, to achieve the most balanced, unique and natural look possible.

These poses were created with The Legend sword in hand (not included in this package), but will actually perform well with most swords/staffs/lightsabers, you may only need to tweak those poses where both hands are on the weapon handle.

Partial poses: make a world of difference!
Not all fighting poses will mix and match perfectly, but most will actually mix amazingly well, offering you and even wider range of possibilities and choices. If you ever used a pose package that includes partial poses, you know there is no turning back. The versatility and creativity partial poses offer is something we can’t do without and it really helps spark the imagination.
Not to mention that from 30 basic poses, you’ll actually get hundreds of possible combinations.

The Legend sword-fighting partial poses include:

Top (from the Abdomen up)
Bottom (Hip and down)
Arms (from Collars to Fingers)
Legs (Thighs to Toes)
Explore, rotate, mix and match and enjoy!

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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