Layla Hair For V4 And A4

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Sexy, natural, customizable, and easy to use, perfect for all kinds of casual, sci-fi and fantasy characters: fashion models, action heroines, fairies, pixies, casual, gothics, pin-ups… A must have!

Layla Hair is a hair model for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4 (using the fit morph included), with 20 mat poses for the hair, and 25 useful morphs to adjust and move it easily.

This hair is for Victoria 4 but can be easily adapted for other figures (for example Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, or Victoria 6, or Dawn) using the translate, scale or rotate dials and the morphs, as it is a smartprop.

This Pack includes:
– Hair prop for Victoria 4 and Aiko4, conforms to movement of the head, plus leaves you control the style morphs, giving you maximum control and ease of use

– 20 mat poses: 9 natural colors, and 11 fanatsy colors

– 25 morphs located in 9 categories for easy use: Fit, FitOthers, Gravity, Twist, Wind, Length, Shape, Bangs, Hairline

– Most morphs are separated in left and right side and can be combined for maximum naturality
– Gravity morphs to simulate natural fall in poses, move the hair or simulate smooth movement
– Twist morphs that can be used to add more realism to the gravity morphs and asymmetry
– Wind morphs can simulate wind, shaking the head or turning it fast in combat/action scenes
– Length morphs can make the hair longer to the shoulders, or shorter to cheekbone height
– Bulb Shape morph for making a rounder shape
– Bangs morphs to make them shorter
– Hairline morphs can make the bangs higher or lower

– Fit morphs to adjust the head for Aiko 4 and adjust the hair for use with other figures

– Zero morphs icon to reset all hair morphs to zero to easier reset when changing poses

– Icon for DAZ Studio 4.6 to set Occlusion off for faster renders
– Daz Studio shaders auto-load for DS 3 and up
– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

Morphs list:
Aiko4_Fit, HeadBigger, HeadTop, L_Front, L_Back, L_In, L_Out, R_Front, R_Back, R_In, R_Out, R_Front_Twist, R_Back_Twist, L_Front_Twist, L_Back_Twist, L_Twirl, R_Twirl, All_Twirl, Long, Short, Bulb_Shape, Shorter_Bangs, Lower_Hairline, Raise_Hairline, Out_Hairline

Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
This hair is for Victoria 4. You can use it with Aiko 4 too (optional)
PC and Mac compatible.


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