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LandMass is a powerful new landscape generator add-on for TerraDome. Just one complete mesh encompasses the entire scene. Coupled with five breath taking landscape morphs, ten ultra realistic texture and material shader sets and five all new SkyDome light sets and sky environments. This will bring your terraforming capabilities to a whole new level.


LandMass is a major Expansion for the TerraDome system that adds a new geometry spanning the entire LandMass formation as well as a new Zone Mapping system.

The figure spans the area between Zones 1 – 3 in completely solid form. This allows for Larger terrains than are possible with the three zone terrains in the original base set. The LandMass is completely usable with the existing TerraDome options, and you can easily use Zone 2 materials and Blends on the LandMass with good effect.

Included in this package are 5 spectacular Morph targets for the LandMass geometry. The biggest difference is that you will only be loading one morph target in your scene with the corresponding material set that goes with it, as these materials use maps that have been hand painted to tailor themselves to the morph target.

Included in this package are 5 new Sky/Light sets for the TerraDome SkyDome. You will only need to use the skydome itself when using the LandMass geometry. Apply them as you would any TerraDome sky. A hidden python script will automatically apply your sky material and load the correct lighting for that sky.

Poser 7 – 8 – Pro – Pro2010

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