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Get the highly detailed touch that will take your characters to a superior level, with the kind of jewelry that you could see on high fantasy and sci-fi illustrations and movies! A must-have!

Lady Edwina Jewels For Any Figure is a set of 3 necklaces and 3 matching earring sets that can be used with any figure. Also included: an independent standalone key prop to put it in your scenes. By default they fit to Genesis 2 Female(s), but we also included fit morphs and fit poses for the most common female figures for faster and easier fitting.

All earrings can be moved in all directions, varied of size, and adjust the hook so it fits different ear shapes. And the necklaces include adjustment morphs, and movement morphs to simulate gravity and natural fall. You also have high quality materials to customize them as you wish.

We have studied deeply what we needed to make this product as versatile as possible, and we have designed a jewelry pack that can be used on ANY figure for Poser or DAZ Studio. Then, we made it easier for the user, so it always look fantastic in every render, on every figure, character or pose.

You just need a figure with head and chest parts (99% of them meet these criteria, including Victoria 6, Genesis 2 Female(s), V4…). The jewels will follow the movement, and you can use the adjustment morphs and the fine-tuned transform dials to fit them to your figure perfectly.

Descriptions of the jewel sets and materials:

– Monsieur Octopus: Monsieur Octopus is a very sophisticated chevalier that loves long undersea stories. A highly detailed octopus that can be customized using the materials and hide mats to turn it into several different looking octopuses. Comes in silver, gold, copper, gold with rusted relief, and gold and rusted green bronze. Includes hide options to hide the cogs, the hat, the monocle, and the moustache. Use them all or only some, and get the look you want for Monsieur Octopus. The necklace can also swing to the sides, to simulate natural fall. The earrings have movement and size morphs.

– Secret Of The Past: Mysterious secrets can be uncovered with this awesome jewelry set that brings amazing detail to your renders. Comes in silver with black jewels, golden with red jewels, brass with turquoises, copper with green jade, and you have partials to change the jewels independently to black, green, pearl, red, or turquoise. The necklace morphs to move the hanging jewels and also to move the key or vary its size. The earrings have movement and size morphs.

– Wisdom’s Device: They created a device that was able to open the gates of wisdom, and put it in the shape of the sign of knowledge: the Owl. Comes in silver, gold, brass with tiger’s eye jewels, copper and green marble, or light brass and brown jade. The necklace has morphs to swing to the sides, and to vary the size of the owl. The earrings have movement and size morphs.

– Xtra Key Prop: A bonus prop for this set. It’s an independent prop, not parented, that you can place anywhere in your scene, or in your character’s hands. Use it wherever you need a detailed key of any size.


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