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Mezzo is a set of modern design emphasized by metal legs in shape of runners.
Extensive seat, adjustable headrests and lumbar cushion, ensuring a comfortable seat. The standard free-standing elements, complemented by corner elements and chaise longues, allow you to create multiple layouts, well-suited to your needs. Corner sets with the chaise longue can be equipped with a comfortable bed and a practical storage. The tabs located in the armrest cover are an elegant decoration.
Largo is a set with elegant design, underlined by a simple form, petite figure and chrome legs. Kedra finish is an exclusive decorative element.
It has a unique backrest height and seat depth adjustment. It can be equipped with corner pieces, beds to occasionally sleeping, chaise lounges and lockers. With its unique functionality and compact size, it fits to many interiors.
Romanza is a programme with classical, subdued design.His main attribute is unusual functionality. The couch could be equipped with comfortable, daily-sleeping bed such as armchair with sensory mechanism controlled adjustable footrest, seat and backrest. Every element has adjustable headrest and soft, comfortable fulfillment. Romanza is one of the most cushy furniture in KLER collection, designed to long rest.
Elegant, extensive, furniture set, with a modern and simple, at the same time, design. Fluffy seats, backrests and armrests and adjustable headrests offer a high seating comfort. Modular components allow you to create sets of corners. Choosing a set with a chaise longue or bed allows both short nap and everyday sleeping. Due to the large size, it?s designed to be placed in relatively larger rooms.
Adagio is a modular set, with universal design and characteristic, two-stages sides. Soft seats and backrests, adjustable headrests and optional equipment with relaxation function, provide a high seating comfort. Corner pieces and chaise longues allow to optimal fitting it inside many interiors. It can be equipped with a bed to every day sleeping which increases its practical sense.


Parkside High Lobby
Parkside High Hallways


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