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Let Kirei na Kanjou be your guide as you explore the wonders of the flower and willow world!

When Kirei was a young child, she embraced the challenging life of a geisha. Like many others, she dedicated her life to the arts of traditional dance, music, flower arranging, conversation, and tea ceremony. At the age of fifteen, when Kirei made her debut as a maiko, her skill was surpassed only by her unearthly beauty. People would clamor for a single glimpse of her and with a single glance, she would steal their breath away. Over time, Kirei’s passion for dancing and singing overwhelmed her. They became her whole world, much more than the housemistress would allow for. Kirei obeyed, but deep inside her heart she secretly clung to her hopeful dream. Since the times of the legendary Okuni, no woman was ever allowed to perform in Kabuki plays. And no woman would dare to break this law either, for it was a decree announced by the Shoguns themselves. But one day, like a sudden breeze during a stormy night, she appeared – a brilliant actor disguised beneath a painted mask, eager to leave her delicate yet courageous mark on the world of strict traditions and unending strife. Just as she would rule the stage as a geisha, she would make an equally strong impression on the patrons of the theatre. Every time she took the stage, her passionate song and dance had the power to captivate any audience.

Singing and dancing may be her greatest joy, but Kirei is a young woman of many talents, curious and free-willed under her mask of etiquette, rigorous training, and traditional face paint. Whether she is entertaining as a gentle geisha, moonlighting as a secretive Kabuki actress, attending classes as a kawaii girl-next-door, or on a mission as a deadly kunoichi, this exotic beauty is constantly searching for new expiriences and always strives to please!

Movie Sets, City Block Two
Oskarsson's Lurveln


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