Kingdom of Marrakesh

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Its strong geometrical designs, both in shape and texture, offer a rich and vibrant backdrop that spans the ages and the test of time.

Included in this pack is a detailed courtyard, ornate ablution fountain, arched corridors and complete interior. Each item is modular, giving the options to create a full high-resolution full-circle courtyard, or break the scene down into any single component. Wall sections offer removable panels and doors are fully articulated. The set also includes a low-resolution version of both windows and doors for when the finer details are not needed.

Also included is a 25-camera preset bundle from Joelegecko (creator of the Directors Cut series) that fully exploits the detail this set contains. For separate purchase is an add-on light pack available from Dreamlight to transform the set into some amazing nighttime scenes


Backdrops Made Easy Windows and Doors
Ochre City


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