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This value package contains the following archery products by Keihan:

-GEMINI: Elven LongBow
A unique dual-shot (or single shot) bow to add to your Elven armory! Includes smart prop files and hand pose files (bow only) for A3, (M1)M2, M3, (V1)V2, V3 and V4 as well as a stand alone bow which can be parented to any figure of your choosing! Your job just got easier!! (NOTE: Smart prop and hand pose files for M2 and V2 will also work for M1 and V1)

-SCORPIO: Wood Elf Archer’s Bow
A highly detailed archery set for your Wood Elf Archer (although I have witnessed many non-elf folk brandishing one of these babies from time to time)

-Woodland Bow and Arrow
A wonderful bow and arrow that will make an excellent addition to any Woodland warrior’s arsenal! Give your elven archer, ranger or rogue the edge he needs with the “Woodland Bow & Arrow”.

-Keihan’s Medieval Crossbow and Bolt
A wonderfully designed Medieval Crossbow that no serious archer should be without! Designed with your ranger, elf and castle defenders in mind!

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