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The Keeper Series expands with the Keeper of Hearts. In this expertly crafted expansion for the Lotus Gown the Keepers explore the nature of the mortal heart. Love, heartbreak, envy, loss, hope…

Unexpected details hide among rich fabrics and sparking beaded trims. Velvets, lace, silks and satins bringing the stories of the heart to life.

Emerald green velvet combines with gold and green scaled and emerald beaded trim to create this gown… the envy of all.

Red velvet and star patterned silk lie over black and gold brocades which are trimmed with intricate embroidery and bugle beads. Together the combination leaves the pulse pounding and the butterflies swarming.

Black and grey. It seems simple, but when it’s black lace combined with grey brocade it reads like a story of doomed love. Bits of red ribbon and beading add a bit of hope into the mix…

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