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Katarina is the first character of the EcVh0’s People Series for Genesis 8 Female, with a unbelievably huge amount of content in one single character preset!
What is EcVh0 People’s Series??EcVh0 People is a series of characters, each designed to their unique look, characteristics and background, taking a different approach towards the current meaning of a “character” in Daz 3D. It focuses on the simple things that could happen with one single person in the real world, and provides options for us to create this person at this particular time of the story line such as age, body types and more!
Katarina’s Simple Background Story?Katarina was born in a small town in Spain, with pure Spanish Background. She has a pair of beautiful bright green eye, which fits perfectly with her thick black hair. Her skin is not tanned but Olive, making her quite different to her friends when she moved to Germany at 7. She had some freckles around her nose area during her teenage period but time washed them away. She love sports, which made her fit and healthy during her young adult period. She also took a very deep interest into art and reading, but did not have time until late 30s when she settles down and have a family. She’s bold, kind and very fun to be with, it won’t be a surprise to see her diving down a cliff without any hesitation.
What’s Included in this Mega Set?
• In this set, you will be able to get the full 4 life stages of Katarina – from her as a teenager, to her being a grown up adult, then her being a mature, mid 30 woman, and finally her being an retired elder
• She also has 5 customized body morph presets/sliders representing different body type she had during her adult – mature woman period: Normal, Chubby, Skinny, Busty and Sporty with countless ways of combination. And also 1 extra body morph for the teenage her and 1 extra for the elder her – 7 Body morphs in total!
• Her skin is customized based on the EcVh0’s Iray Skin Shader, maximizing the realism on her skin and her skin details, making her absolutely gorgeous under any light conditions!
• She also has 13 Eye Colors, 11 Lipstick Color Presets, 4 LIE Daily Makeup Presets each with 10+ Makeup Colors (40+ In total), 1 LIE Stylish Makeup Preset with 8 Color Styles, 10 nails color preset, and also EcVh0’s “Create Your Own Nails and Lipsticks” expanding the nail and lipsticks to ANY COLOR YOU LIKE!
• In addition to all above, all presets have No brow Option for any one who want to use their own fibermesh brows on her, and she has an anatomy texture to apply on any anatomy products!?She’s using Genesis 8 Female base UV, which means her texture and Shader all works on genesis 3 female, with the requirement of turning the UV map to “Base Female”!?

What’s EcVh0’s Create Your Own Nails And Lips??EcVh0’s Create Your Own Nails and Lips is a new technology embedding the lip color and nail color into the Shader without losing details, allowing everyone to create any color they want by very simple steps showcased in tutorial included!

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