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She is a sexy woman that can seduce everyone with her spectral looks but during the Dia de los Muertos she turns into a creepy creature..

Several options are included with many make-ups for the human version and a set of five special make-ups for her spooky self. Included are also two options called Sclera Bloody to turn the sclera and lacrimal zones of the eyes into a fear inducing bloody zone.

Her textures were created using high definition pictures of real skin in order to make her very realistic.

Included MAT files in both .pz2 and .mc6 versions.Please read carefully: when using the five Face-Lips make-up options remember that they will affect the face-lips-nostril areas. That means that you cannot use the lip MATS with them or you will end up with a weird result. If you want to return to normal make-up options (face or lip MAT files) remember to firstly click !MAT Base or !MAT SSS to return to the normal make-up options.

In order to work you will have to own Poser any version, DS3, DS4.6P and V4, morphs++.

The textures included are between 1024×1024 to 4000×4000
In this package you’ll find:

– INJ KalaVera Head
– REM KalaVera Head
– INJ KalaVera Body
– REM KalaVera Body
– MAT Base
– 1 MAT Body (without tattoo)
– 1 MAT Body SSS (without tattoo)
– 2 MAT Body (with tattoo)
– 2 MAT Body SSS (with tattoo)
– 1 MAT Arms (without tattoo)
– 1 MAT Arms SSS (without tattoo)
– 2 MAT Arms (with tattoo)
– 2 MAT Arms SSS (with tattoo)
– 5 MAT Eyes
– 5 MAT Eyes SSS
– 1 MAT Sclera Base
– 1 MAT Sclera SSS
– 2 MAT Sclera Bloody (sclera and lacrimal will turn bloody)
– 2 MAT Sclera Bloody SSS (sclera and lacrimal will turn bloody)
– 7 MAT Face
– 7 MAT Face SSS
– 5 MAT Face-Lips
– 5 MAT Face.Lips SSS
– 7 MAT Lips
– 7 MAT Lips SSS
– 1 MAT Nails Base
– 1 MAT Nails Base SSS
– 5 MAT Nails Colors


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