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In the not to distant future, Justice is a word that has lost all meaning. The lot, for most of us, is life on the streets scavenging for food and making what meager existence we can. Gangs, thugs and warlords run the streets of all the major cities.

But there may be a small glimmer of hope.

On this day in the year 2089 the General Protection Order has been passed into law. The new G.P.O’s first dictate was the formation of the Justiciar Armored Corps. Suits are currently in production and recruits are being inducted. Each Justiciar will be equipped with sophisticated armor and armament and given a mandate to protect the innocent and restore the streets to Order through any means necessary.

This set contains a full suit of high tech armor for Genesis 2 Male Figures. Made up of 10 individual pieces. There are also seven Shader Presets, 14 Full Material Presets for the suit and weapons. A Photon Blaster sidearm with LH and RH Props. A Shockwave Cannon Rifle with LH and RH Props. A Bolt Thrower Grenade with morphing explosion. 14 one click wearable presets for full suit loads. The suit material presets are specially configured to work on all parts of the suit and also weapons with just a single click of a preset, You can also apply to multiples at once.

So sign up and help retake the future!



This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer




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