Junkpiles – The Texture Collection

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This bundle has 5 different junk pile ecosystem materials and 4 junk .vob objects, to make it as versatile as possible. This is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your renders, whether it?s a derelict lot, urban decay, or a plain pile of junk! There’s something here that will do the job for you! There are plain piles of scrap metal, and piles of old tires, and then piles mixed with plants so that you can integrate them seamlessly in to your landscapes.

The Bundle contains:
2 scrap metal heap ecosystems with rusting cars chassis, one bare and one with foliage.
2 tire heap ecosystems; one bare and one with foliage
1 scrap-heap ecosystem with a little bit of everything!
A selection of 5 rusting car and two tire pile vob. objects used in the ecosystems, but also useful for individual placement in your scenes.


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