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Head morphs were custom sculpted, with some refinements by using the ++morph dials. If you use preset poses, it may be necessary to remove and reinject Jaimie’s head morph to get her jaw lined up properly if you want her to smile. Also, if after using preset poses, Josh and Jamie’s eyes are not lined up, do the same: remove and reinject their head morphs.

Clothing morphs include the K4++ morphs for chibi, dolly, heavy, realistic, and thin, plus adjustment morphs for the collars, shoulders, chest, abdomen, hip, and thighs.

It is not necessary for you to inject the K4 Morphs++ before loading Josh and Jaimie; however, those morphs must be installed in the SAME Runtime as the program that you use to load them. You may load the entire set of morphs if you want access to some of their features, either before or after loading Josh and Jaimie.

There are no shader files included for DAZ; however, Josh’s and Jaimie’s skin tones will render perfectly in DAZ with the current settings. The user may want to add a hint of specularity to the lips.


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