Jewels Of Yore

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‘Jewels of Yore’ is a beautiful set of 27 800×800, 300dpi .png jewel ornaments.

In fact, they are so beautiful, YOU will want to take them off your computer screen and wear them! 🙂 They are rich in colour, intricate and I think they have some of that ‘olden’ touch in them. They are absolutely perfect for everything – printing (you get a nice 2,67 x 2,67 print or even larger if you print at 150dpi, which is actually enough for home-printing purposes), texturing, adding little details to your favourite characters’ clothing, scrapbooking embelishment; tile them for nice borders, stack and combine them to get even more interesting variations. You can even reduce the size and decorate your webpage. As always, I am pretty sure you will come up with many interesting ways to use these beautiful jewel ornaments.



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