Jessica – Arcane Branding for V4.1 & V4.2

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Jessica has been designed for the fantasy setting in mind. She comes with 9 magical Brandings for her back; each belonging to a School of Magical Study. The Brands are magical in nature and stay with the character even unto death.

Abjurer: An Abjurer is a mage who specialises in spells that protect, block, or banish.
Conjurer: A Conjurer is a mage who studies spells that bring creatures or materials to the caster.
Diviner: Diviners are magicians who’s spells reveal information.
Enchanter: An Enchanters spells imbue the recipient with some property or grant the caster power over another being.
Evoker: An Evoker is a mage who studies spells that manipulate energy or create something from nothing.
Illusionist: Illusionist studies spells that alter perception or create false images.
Necromancer: Necromancers studies spells that manipulate, create, or destroy life or life force.
Transmuter: A Transmuter is a magician who studies spells that transform the recipient physically or change its properties in a more subtle way.
Wizard: A Wizard is a mage that studies all spells, sacrificing specialization for knowledge.

What’s in the Package:

  • Full Body & Head INJ/REM,
  • Full Body Textures at 3000×3000 pixels,
  • 9 Arcane Brandings for her back,
  • 4 Eyebrow & Eye Colour Options,
  • 10 Fantasy Makeup Options, and
  • 9 Lipstick Options.

All textures coming in both Shaded & AO Shaded Options for maximum realism.


Jules for V4.2 and A4
:: Feels Like MEGA Poses V4 ::


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