Jepe’s SpecialZ Part I

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Jepe’s SpecialZ is a collection of two-hundred-twenty very unique and very different 2D billboard special effects for your 3D rendering scenes. It connects seamlessly to my previous CosmicZ, FlameZ and ThrowZ special effect packs. SpecialZ is grouped into 28 different effects with two, four, five or ten variations each. Texture sizes range from 400px x 900px to 1650px x 900px.

You will get never before seen special effects like firework bursts and lines, abstracted stars and dots, curly ‘matmos’ plasma, spotlight beams, golden star glitter, small dots in motion, big colorful bokeh dots, flames in red, blue and green, plasma spheres, watery surfaces and cascades, fire with smoke in different directions, electric backs, lines and flashes, wispy smoke and more. SpecialZ can be used as back, mid or fore ground objects or with bump or reflection even as floor planes. The only limit is your imagination.
SpecialZ is usable in all Poser versions, Carrara, DAZ Studio or imported via DAZ Studio into Bryce. They always will load at their default size of 100% and with their correct proportions.
It’s in the nature of these Special Effect Billboard Props NOT to increase render time dramatically, even if using numerous effects in one scene!



Jepe's SpecialZ Part II
Evan Hair


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    April 15, 2013

    these look fun…thank you Pigat

  2. Profile photo of RGaston52


    April 15, 2013

    Thank you Pigat, I like Jepes stuff. Works better then some other special effects I have downloaded 🙂 And looks better as well.

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    April 16, 2013

    Thanks, cant wait to have a go with these. An thanks for splitting into 2 parts,,very considerate of you.

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