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A custom character and 4 complete highres texture sets for Koji G2

With this pack you will get a custom character and 4 complete highres texture sets for Koji G2 .

All textures are created in Photoshop CS2 and Cinema 4D and are a combination of photo real skin resources, photos taken by Antonio Rodriguez, which I have the permission to use and newly created Photoshop CS2 dynamic brushes for body and facial hair .
Odo’s face is completely modelled in Poser7 with magnets, face room and the P7 Morph Tool. The body of Odo is a combination of Koji’s native body morphs and a custom made displacement map for veins.

So what’s included:
4 body textures without and with body hair, 1 body displacement texture 4000 px x 3451 px,
4 head textures without and with facial hair 4000 px x 3500 px,
2 genital textures, 1 genital diplacement map, 1 genital trans map to fit the different bodies 1000 px x 1000 px,
5 eye textures 1000 px x 1000 px,
1 genital texture, 1 displacement map, 1 trans map for M3/Satanica’s genitals 1900 px x 1065 px,
1 lash trans texture 1000 px x 1000 px,
10 manually edited G2 figure poses, 1 limb reset pose and 1 face expression reset pose,

22 MAT and utility files including seperate body and face MOR INJ and Reset poses, 1 ‘All In One’ MAT, separate head, body, eyes and genital MATs.

Required: Link to post:
Koji G2 Figure



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