Jepe’s Enzo M4

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All textures are based on photos of Model Photographer Antonio Rodriguez. Enzo comes with a variety of texture options – four faces, three bodies, and five eyes. This includes carefully handcrafted bump and specular maps and vein displacement with ‘High Vein’ MATs for Poser and DAZ Studio. With Enzo you will also get M4 Genitalia textures with transparency and displacement maps.

Jepe’s Enzo For Michael 4
1 Head INJ/REM (Custom + Morphs++)
1 Body INJ/REM (Morphs++)
4 Face Texture Options
2 Shaven
2 Unshaven
6 Body Texture Options
Smooth Veins High
Hair Veins High
Hairy Veins High
5 Eye Color Options
Textures Include
12 Face Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (4096px4096)
9 Torso Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (4096×4096)
1 Torso Displacement Map (4096×4096)
3 Limbs Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (4096×4096)
1 Limbs Displacement Map (4096×4096)
6 Eye Texture/Bump Maps (1024×1024)
1 Eye Transparency Map (2000×2000)
1 Cornea/Tear Bump Map (1000×1000)
5 Gen Texture/Bump/Specular/Transparency/Displacement Maps (2500×2500)
3 Mouth Texture/Bump/Specular Maps (2000×2000)
1 Lashes Transparency Map (1024×1024)
P6+ Material Poses (PZ2)
DAZ Studio 3 Material Presets (DSA)
P9 SSS Material Poses (PZ2)
DS3/DS4 EHSS Studio Material Presets (DSA)



VH Sabel
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