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No Genesis wardrobe would be complete without a great pair of JeanZ! Sure there are other jeans out there, but you would need to buy several different pairs to be able to do a fraction of what these can do. For example, easily customize Jeanz for Genesis from regular length to capri’s, shorts, short shorts and even Daisy Dukes all with a click of the mouse! Plus there are also features found nowhere else! For instance, switch between regular zippered or button fly jeans. With the included texture variations you can create 18 different JeanZ!

Not enough, eh? There are 90 morphs in this item to make it even more versatile. Morphs to create different styles and morphs to help with fitting shoes and shirts you haven’t even bought yet! We’ve also included a number of morphs to make the jeans look more realistic when sitting. Still not enough? How about three different sets of full body morphs to regular waist, low rise waist and high rise waist? Need more? How about morphs to open the JeanZ and make it look like your Genesis character is dressing or undressing. What are you waiting for?

In addition the mesh was altered to work better with Genesis and custom morphs were created for a number of the characters, (i.e. Victoria 5, Michael 5, etc.) so you don?t have to depend upon the auto morphs to get great results.



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