Jardin d’Amour

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Viens avec moi, l? bas dans la prairie,
Toi dont le c?ur est pur ;
Viens avec moi chercher la r?verie
Sous ce beau ciel d’azur.
Jeune fille aux yeux noirs, oui, bien plus que moi-m?me,
O ! je t’aime, je t’aime.


Pierre-Charles Levesque
28 mars 1736 ? Paris, o? il est mort le 12 mai 1812

Build your own romantic Topiary garden , or secret place.

Build your own Topiary garden.
Each Topiary is in High Polygon and Low Polygon version inside the pack.
The High Polygon Topiary are very detailed and perfect for Close up render.
The Low Polygon version is perfect when you build a big garden and the objects are not so close to the camera. In this case High details are not needed and it save resources..
The flowers you can load separately for each Topiary.
The Door is full rigged and you can open and close the door.
You even can lock and unlock it.
Perfect for animations.

Product Includes:
9 different Topiary in High Poly version
9 different Topiary in Low Poly version – both versions as PP2 and OBJ file
Petal Prop as PP2 file for each Topiary and as 1 OBJ file
Bench as PP2 and OBJ file
Door as Cr2 and OBJ file

2 Texture maps for the door in 512×512 px
1 Leaves Texture with transparency
1Petal texture with transparency
1Topiary Texture map with Bump map in 640×640 px
1Bench texture Map with Displacement map in 2048×2048 px


Point of Impact
Jardin des Nymphs


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    Beautiful picture, I have to download it!

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