Jaguarwoman’s “Book of Roses”

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“Book of Roses” is a versatile, rose-themed design resource with unadorned, open book “bases”, a variety of book embellishments, and 9 completely embellished (and merged) rose-themed books with either frames or content areas for you to use. You can use my ready-made book/album designs and/or you can use the book bases to add the tags and ribbons and perhaps other embellishments of your own, to create something of your own design. There’s really no end to the albums you can create in this way. All elements are provided in individual png files and may have small drop shadow effects around the edges. All images are 300 dpi. The width of the book bases and embellished books is just under 2600 pixels. All the other elements are proportional to the book dimensions. Please note: the book ribbons are designed to fit against the book base in a specific area, in order to create the appearance of a close “fit” to the book. You can switch sizes of the book, but the placement should be approximately the same. Consult the existing merged, embellished books to see the proper placement of the book ribbon embellishments. The hatpin embellishments are NOT provided as a freestanding element in this package, each one is merged to another element or to a book graphic.


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