J Lol Renaissance Hair

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J-Lol-Renaissance-Hair is a totally unique hair package for Victoria 4 and Aiko 4 that is based on Japanese Lolita fashion. It features an incredible multi layered hair, a stylish hat with a cross and flower ornaments, plus, a choker with lace bands and a flower.
Each item in the J-Lol pack has its own comprehensive set of morph dials in clearly labeled categories for independent control. The total number of morph dials is an incredible 92, which allows the user to create an endless number of styles and appearances with this unique package. Also included is a solid selection of MAT files for instant texture changes and MOR files for instant shape changes. You can effortlessly achieve everything from the forgotten romantic looks of days gone by to the modern street fashions of Japan.

J Lol Master Pack
The Royal Graveyard


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