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The Town Hall is the heart of any community. It’s used for meetings, political rallies and speeches, staging the childrens’ school play, High School concerts and dances, and many other local activities. And of course, angry villagers need a place to assemble with their torches and pitchforks before they go out to hunt the monster!

The Hall has a stage area with spotlights and 6 pose-able curtains, and comes with a lectern (podium) for public speaking, and a stage background (painted canvas) for plays. The main area has a 3-sided gallery with staircase, wood-panelled walls and floorboards, with benches, carpet, front and side exits, signs, air-ducts, pipes, light-switches, etc. Lighting is included for the hall and stage spotlights.

The Daz Studio installer comes with native geometry and files. The Poser installer comes with native geometry and files, plus .DSA scripts to load the correct Daz Studio material settings.


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