Interiors Corridors

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Hotels, offices, hospitals, schools . . . they all have miles of corridors. But what if you could build your own with a few clicks and design the layout you want? Corridors is a modular kit of 35 corridors, walls and doors, with 18 related props, ranging from a fire extinguisher, water cooler and school locker, to wall and door signs. Easy pose scripts let you move the pieces around and fit them together in endless configurations. The corridors are also compatible with other Interiors packs like The Office, Hotel and Classroom.

Important – Corridors comes in full DAZ Studio and Poser native versions. You must download the correct version for your software. Pose scripts from one version will not work in the other.

Sci-fi Heroine Outfit 01 for V4
Hot&Cold for Snappy


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