IN Woodland Stream

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The uniquely animated looping water textures allow you to render full animations with no time constraints. Three distinct animated movie textures form bump, specularity and color maps for the stream, showing not only the rippling water, but wakes and eddies around rocks and over the small waterfalls. The stream can be loaded with full raytraced reflections, or with no raytracing for faster rendering. Three custom lightsets are designed to match the three background panoramas, allowing you the freedom to render the scene in daylight, twilight, or night-time. The unique sunbeam prop can be rotated at the base to match any lighting scenario, and adds that perfect final atmospheric detail for your summer setting. Built with usability in mind, the entire scene is built in modular form, with seperately loadable banks, treelines, bushes, backgrounds and streams, allowing you to optimize your render time based on your needs. So don’t let Winter get you down. Load up the IN Woodland Stream and enjoy summer anytime you want.


Winter Snow
Wild Woodsman for Midnight Stories' Sabbatic Goat


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