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Equip your forces with the best and latest in high-speed all-terrain transportation with Cirius Cybernetics Corporation’s newest Pulsar Class vehicle, the ImageNation Hoverbike!

Sleek and functional with style to spare, the IN Hoverbike comes with intense cockpit display, meticulously crafted custom color and bump maps, ambient light mapping, built-in reflection mapping, and six points of articulation for maximum maneuverability. Complete with comfortable riding poses for your Michael, Victoria, or XCC-900 ImageNation Cyborg, the Hoverbike comes loaded and ready for any of all your futuristic conveyance needs.

So whether you’re an elite fighting force combatting evil or a reclusive super-villain equipping an army of robotic drones, call on Cirius Cybernetics Corp and ImageNation’s Hoverbike!


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    December 13, 2012

    Thanks for sharing, love hover bikes 😀

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