Illegal Aliens by Vampiros Hermosos

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Little green guy come out of nowhere. Says his name is ?Mo? and can he help? Now he?s got an accent. Wife says I?m prejudiced only I?m not. I?m careful. ?Specially with all these reds around. Also he?s got these eyes, you know? I says mister, do you know where I can get some gas? He give me this look, like gas? Please. That?s when his little friends come up.

Well sir, next thing I know, I?m gliding into Murphy?s Filling, and I mean gliding. Fifteen miles, my wheels never touched the ground. They were better than the Pep Boys. Either those boys were magic, which I don?t hold with, or they were moon men, which I do, now.? – Orville Petty, mechanic.

Get some Illegal Aliens? in your life! Manuel?, Moises? and Juanito? are from way out of town.

3 Premium custom characters for M4 by Tony Puryear, Damsel1 and RawArt. Try all the Vampiros Hermosos? characters, and scare yourself silly!


HC3 ? The Cemetery 2010
Monster Rat


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    June 24, 2013

    lol…wanna do some renders for my bro with these…..thank you DesertRat

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