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All new sexy unique organized pose collection for both Victoria 4 and Genesis 2 Female/V6!

Poses contain no body X, Y, or Z translation, but do contain *hip* Y translation.
This is so that you can move your characters wherever you like without having them
jump across the room if you want to change poses. If you want you character fully
grounded , make sure that your Y rotation is set to 0 on the body before applying
the pose.

Adjustment is necessary with partial poses, sometimes slight, sometimes more
depending on which poses you are mixing and matching. Start your adjustment by
rotating the abdomen, and then the chest if necessary to achieve your desired

For the Genesis 2 Female, the eye poses are using pose controls, you may need to reset eyes
before using if you already have rotation applied for correct looking lids.


AJ Columned Hall
i13 Devotion

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