i13 SQUISH Soft Body Effect Morphs

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i13 SQUISH Soft Body Effect Shaping Dials:
Cheek Squish Left
Cheek Squish Right
Arm Left Squish Back
Arm Right Squish Back
Breasts Squish Sides
Breasts Squish Together
Breast Bottom Squish Left
Breast Bottom Squish Right
Breasts Flatten Front
Breast Flatten Front Right
Breast Flatten Front Left
Breast Flatten Side Right
Breast Flatten Side Left
Squish V6 Breast Shape 01
Squish V6 Breast Shape 02
Squish V6 Breast Shape 03
Squish V6 Breast Shape 04
Squish V6 Breast Shape 05
Squish V6 Breast Shape 06
Squish V6 Breast Shape 07
Squish V6 Breast Shape 08
Squish V6 Breast Default
Abdomen Receive Blow
Glute Squish
Glute Squish Seated
Glute Squish Seated Left
Glute Squish Seated Right
Thigh Seated Squish Left
Thigh Seated Squish Right
Thigh Squish Back Left
Thigh Squish Back Right
Thigh Squish Side Left
Thigh Squish Side Right
Thigh Squish Inner Left
Thigh Squish Inner Right
Calf Squish Back Left
Calf Squish Back Right
Calf Squish Outer Left
Calf Squish Outer Right


Short Swords
Aori for V4.2

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