i13 Sexy ASSORTMENT pose collection for V4

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Choose from any of the unique full body poses or explore the 10000s of possibilities available to you now by mixing and matching upper, lower, arm, leg, head +neck, eye, or feet poses to suit your preference.
In total you get *812 poses* with this pack! Here’s a detailed list of what’s included:
?50 unique full body poses
?50 full body mirrors
?50 unique upper body poses
?50 upper body mirrors
?50 unique lower body poses
?50 lower body mirrors
?100 right arm partial poses
?100 left arm partial poses
?100 right leg partial poses
?100 left leg partial poses
?50 Eye poses
?50 Head + Neck Poses
?12 Poses for Feet
?10 Zero Poses for Body/Hand/Eye/Head/Neck/Arms/Feet/Legs
812 poses 10000s of possibilities!!


Rae-el - The Demon
War Witch


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