i13 sensual dreams EXPRESSIONS for V4

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i13 Sensual Dreams Expressions for V4, 75 Unique Expressions for V4!
75 full expressions, no partials or mirrors, only high quality unique expressions
This is a huge collection of expressions with a massive range of emotion, and organized!

Inside this collection you’ll find a fantastic variety of expressions that are great for getting some variety and sultry appeal in your images, and for getting the very best out of your favorite V4 characters. These expressions were specially designed to look great on a wide variety of characters so that you can get the most use out of them.

Each expression is categorized into one of the following categories for your browsing convenience:

Flirt Factory
Horror Flick
Perfect Portrait

tips and tricks

  • Expressions come with a zero expression pose and a zero tongue pose. Use the zero tongue pose before or after applying any expression utilizing the tongue to get the desired result.
  • These expressions will not affect your morphs and flow seamlessly from one to the next. This collection of 75 expressions is designed with your convenience in mind, you’ll find it very easy to use, Enjoy!

i13 EMOTIONAL expressions for V4
Sitting Poses: Sitting on a chair


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