i13 Roman Collection Bundle

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i13 Roman Collection Bundle
This product contains the following
i13 Urbem Aquae – Roman port city
i13 Equos Ligneus – Warship
i13 Ornamentum – Roman prop collection
i13 Balneum – Bath House
i13 Balnearis – Pose Collection
i13 Gladius Ad Mortem – Armor
i13 Veste Alba – Roman Dress


Lost Treasure


  1. bryan cayabyab

    June 13, 2014

    Missing file i13zed_Balneum_2of2_xxxxxx
    Please update

  2. MONK

    June 13, 2014

    They did it again:

    “This file is available for Premium Users only.”

    Wondering why nobody warns us Registereds only? >>> another 12 points gone!

    • Jenna

      June 14, 2014

      Sorry MONK : they have a limit on what none Premium Users can down load I don’t know what that is …. so I shall try and remember from now on to wright the file size

      • MONK

        June 14, 2014

        Thanks for your reply Jenna.

        However: registered users can download files up to 500 MB. Your file is 351.9 MB. So it’s either qtyfiles that’s playing games with you or you’re using the wrong settings.

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