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i13 REAL Details – Daz Studio Version! An entire morph package to add realism to a variety of body parts. Give your characters realistic hands, feet, ribs, and even knuckles with this most extraordinary package!

4 Realism additions included:
Real Ribs – adds beautiful rib bone detail
Real Hands – creates delicate hand bones for the ultimate realistic refined hands
Real Knuckles – properly defines knuckle bones in V4’s fingers for a natural look
Real Feet – creates defined bones in the feet, vastly improving the look of V4’s feet

—-Usage Instructions—-
//Daz Studio Users:

-Select V4

-Load INJ’s

-Select V4’s BODY rather than any body part when adjusting dials
(some morphs affect more than just the a single body part, so it is necessary
to use the morph dials from the BODY)

-Dial up as much as you want, some morphs look better at 2.0 or more,
so experiment to find your favorite look

-For Daz Studio users – A note about injection channels:
Victoria 4 comes with 50 injection channels, they have the prefix PBMCC_
When you buy a custom morph for V4, the content creator will choose an injection channel to place that morph in, from 01 to 50. Sometimes, custom morphs will conflict because multiple content creators have chosen the same channel to place their custom morph in. This only is an issue if you have both morph that share the same injection channel loaded into V4 at the same time. Then, either one morph will overwrite the other, or one morph will control the other, meaning you dial up say a lip morph, and it makes a custom breast morph dial up as well.
For your reference, here is a listing of which morphs use which channels:

PBMCC_ channel listing-
49 Real Feet
48 Real Hand
47 Real Knuckle
46 Real Rib


City Roads
i13 Utility Poses Variety Pack 2


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