i13 Pro Lights and LIGHT HELPERS

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i13 Pro Lights and LIGHT HELPERS

?i13 Pro Light Rig System prop
?Spotlight helper prop
?45 lights categorized into sections based on the HDRI/IBLs they utilize:
?10 HDRI lights
-5 studio HDRI light setups
-5 environment HDRI light setups
?35 IBL lights
-5 environment IBL light setups
-30 studio IBL light setups utilizing 6 different IBL image maps

For Poser versions 7 and above, Poser only product – PC and Mac Supported

Note – for those who own Advanced Figure Manager, please be sure to disable it before using this light system as these two utilities are not compatible.

Attitude Vol.1
MetreHigh Lights


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    Ban Jhankri

    August 21, 2012

    very useful, thank you very much

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