i13 Movie Theater

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i13 Movie Theater!
What you receive:
?3 Ready Scenes (.pz3+.pp2)
?6 Preloads (.pp2+.obj)
– Load Everything
– Load Movie Theater Complete
– Load Building Only
– Load Bathroom Items
– Load Concession Items
– Load Outdoor
?3 IBL light sets (.lt2)
?20 Camera presets (.cm2)
?10 Single Props (.pp2 + .obj)
?bathroom sink and mirror
?bathroom stall unit (door opens/closes)
?candy bar
?candy box
?soda maching
?popcorn machine
?cup stack
?single cup
?tree set
?Smart-propped versions popcorn and drink for V4 & M4 left/right hands
?includes v4/m4 hand pose for each prop
?25 material options (.mc6)


Breast Control for Genesis 2 Female(s)
SV7 Laiken for V4

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