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Who doesn’t use a cell phone these days? It seems apropos that Victoria and Genesis have some telecommunication option in their rendered lives.

“I’m On The Phone” is a collection of 22 poses for V4 and Genesis. Walking, sitting, driving, leaning and laying down, all while talking on a cell-phone. Developed for your modern day and future day renders. In addition, there are 22 mirrored versions of these poses, 44 in total. That’s just for V4! For the Genesis Base, there are 25 poses as well as 25 mirrored poses, plus 22 optimized poses for the V4 FBM of Genesis.

A basic cellphone pp2 “smart” prop (seen in the promos) is included for both the right and left hand. There is a MAT file to optimize the prop for use in DAZ Studio. There are also the .daz model equivalents for DAZ Studio included in the installer .

Most of these poses are versatile enough to be used with other characters and other handheld phone props like Tele-phony. There are 4 hand poses, and 2 partial arm poses available as well to add a little variety!

Separate poses for V4, Genesis Base and additional bonus poses for Genesis-V4-FBM.

Please note: All poses were developed with “limits on” and are within the natural range of motion for the figure. These are rotation only poses, meaning they will apply to your figure character at its current location in a scene. They do not affect scaling or translation. Look for additional information in the readme and the wiki.


Feral Rage for V4
Areion's Blaze Transport Ship


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    April 1, 2013

    Thanks! I was doing a render a while back where two characters were on the phone, and it was a real pain to pose their hands holding the instruments properly.

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