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A small collection of uniquely crafted Celtic themed jewelry for Victoria 4.2 consisting of earrings, bracelets and torc.

In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a mythical people who lived far to the north of Thrace. The Greeks thought that Boreas, the North Wind, lived in Thrace, and that therefore Hyperborea was an unspecified region in the northern lands that lay beyond the north wind. Their land, called Hyperborea or Hyperboria ? “beyond the Boreas” ? was perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day, which – if true – suggests a possible location within the Arctic Circle – WikiPedia.

Product Includes:
– 9 sets of earrings props (left and right; independent of one another)
– 1 neck torque prop
– 4 bracelets props
– 5 MAT Poses (for the two layered discs and gem)

Additional Notes:
* This product will work fine in D|S 2 and D|S 3 with some minor adjustments to the metal material. * Previously sold at Renderosity



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    April 6, 2013

    Looks lovely . . . thanks so much for sharing.

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