The Hunchback-M4

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………A courageous heart beneath a grotesque exterior……

The Hunchback with anguished heart
Alone in the cathedral bell-tower
Despised for his ugliness and hunchback
Needs the ecstasy of a woman?s love
But knows he will never father a child
Nor kiss sweet rosebud lips of true love.

Deformed limping ugliness sublime
Children flee from him in screaming terror
Dogs howl at his grotesque shape
As he limps in misery from place to place
Trying to hide among shadows
Distorted face turned towards the darkness.

He swings clinging to the great bell
Deaf to her thunderous peals
And for a brief moment of happiness
Forgets the torments of his troubled life
Gross deformity that shamed his mother
And his spirit soars free as a dove over Paris


Goblina-The Bride

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