Hula Kahiko Poses for Gen4 and Genesis

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Hula kahiko is often defined as hula dances choreographed before circa 1800 C.E. and were said to be created as a depiction of Pele’s (the goddess of fire) escape from her sister Namakoakaha’i (the goddess of the ocean). Pele had created the islands of Hawaii, where the waves of her sister would never touch her, and at a chain of volcanic craters she danced the first hula, signifying she had won. Celebrate your own victory with a set of realistic hula poses for M4, V4, and the Genesis Basic Male, Basic Female, M4, M5, V4, and V5. Includes twenty five poses of strength and agility for the men and thirty one poses of graceful movement for the women to illustrate the narrative dance of hula. A total of two hundred twenty four poses.



SnowWhite Hair
By The Pool Poses for Genesis and Generation 4

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