How To Render Beautiful Legs

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There’s nothing more sensual than a pair of well-shaped women’s legs. But how do you actually reproduce them in 3D so they look as beautiful and female as possible?

“How to render beautiful legs” teaches you lighting, posing, camera and postwork secrets that will make the process fun, easy going and let you create stunning renders in just a couple of hours…

Derived from a combined 20+ years as a pro cameraman, photographer, 3D artist and 3D coach.

With bestselling DAZ 3D published artist Val Cameron from Dreamlight.
What’s Included and Features

How To Render Beautiful Legs
08 Videos (.WMV)
Camera secrets for perfect legs
Posing secrets for gorgeous leggy renders
How to re-shape legs using morphs
2 rules you must NEVER break
What to think about when lighting legs
Simple yet effective postwork tricks
1280 x 720 HD quality
Over 2 hours total running time
Techniques applicable to any 3D software


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    November 23, 2017

    This is a great tutorial to render long legged gorgeous legs.

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