House of Cards

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For PaperO (V4):
1 photorealistic natural body texture
1 photorealistic natural head texture
2 second skin body textures
3 additional makeups plus default makeup
5 eye textures (Black, Blue, Brown, Gold, Gray)
6 lip textures (Default, Grape, Licorice, Mocha, Orange Crush, Red)
5 lash colors (Black, Brown, Jade, Plum, Ruby)
1 nail default nail texture
2 nail colors (Black and Red)
Nails short, long, very long
Full body INJ/REM
Breasts default, large, larger, largest
Nipples Show/Hide
Genital crease Show/Hide
1 teeth and gum texture
1 lash transparency
10 poses to interact with the cards
MAT files to apply all textures to V4

For Cards (figures .cr2):
1 Card deck
1 Card fan
1 Card single
54 Card textures (includes Jokers)
2 Deck Textures
16 poses for single cards (back and front)
8 poses for deck cards
16 poses for fan cards (front and back)
MAT files included to apply all textures

Not tested in P6+ or DAZ Studio


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