Hongyu’s Tshirt 2 for V4/A4/G4/Elite

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What you get from this package?


You get 2 pieces from this clothing pack:

HYTshirt2_Top (DS version named HYTshirt2_TopDS)

HYTshirt2_Pan (DS version named HYTshirt2_PanDS)


V4 Body Morphs:


Both clothing pieces include all together 36 V4/Elite/A4/G4 body morphs and all of them can automatically follow V4 in all Poser versions, If you use Daz Studio and want the morphs to follow V4 automatically, please install the “Tshirt 2 for DS” which is in the secondary zip. Please notice the V4 morph names in the BODY parameter dial are actually LIST of morphs for showing what V4 body morphs are suported in this clothing piece, you CAN NOT change body morphs by adjusting those morph names. If you want to change the morph manually, please go to the parameter dial of each group like chest, Left Collar, Right Collar, and change the morph there.

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