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This is a revision of “Home of Soba Diner” The basic structure has not changed, but has been improved upon with higher definition, added props and a more realistic thatched roof. This old straw-thatched roof style home can still be seen in the Japanese countryside. It contains an Irori (hearth) in the living room and a kitchen with a dirt floor and a well inside. There is also a weaving machine and spinning wheel included. In the back room you will see a Butsuma (a Buddhist altar room) and the bedroom comes with a Japanese huton and a safety box to store Kobans (small-sized oval Japanese gold coin). There is a Loft, a Cattle Pen and a Separate Bathroom all watched over by Oinari Sama (God of a residence and estate) located near the main building in the yard. To learn how to use the Japanese props, as well as detailed descriptions for each of them, Click Here. This link also includes a FREE PDF with Japanese to English translation. The cow and grass are not included in this product.


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