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Friesian horses originated in The Netherlands in the province of Friesland. These graceful horses are one the oldest breeds in Europe. Powerfully muscled and agile, the Friesian stands an average of about 15 – 16 hands high, but can be shorter or taller.

Friesians were originally bred as a draft horse, but later developed into finer-boned noblemen’s steeds. During the Middle Ages, they were used as war horses (destriers) to carry knights in full armor into battle. Today, Fresians are used mainly for dressage. They are good all-rounders, used for showing, driving, general riding, and as circus horses. Their impressive high-stepping action also makes them popular in competition as a carriage horse.

With its beautiful shiny black coat, and long, romantic, flowing mane and tail, the 3D Friesian Horse is Baroque elegance personified. HiveWire 3D has also included matching add ons for the HiveWire Unicorn to transform the Friesian into a magical and majestic Black Unicorn. From reality to high fantasy, the HiveWire Friesian will bring a new dimension to your horse and unicorn renders.

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