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Let your Scottish warriors wear their tartans with bravery and honor with this set for the Valiant for Michael 4 collection. Rugged and handsome, this set will help to set the scene for any heroic battles — like this one: On the 2nd of October 1263, the Scottish army, led by King Alexander III, camped outside the town of Largs. The was town, held by Norwegian soldiers who were led by King Hakon Hakonsson. During the night, the Norwegians attempted to surround the sleeping Scottish army. The Norwegian king had given orders to stealth, telling his troops to remove theirs shoes as they crept up on the sleeping Scottish troops. One of the Norwegian soldiers trod on a thistle, letting out a loud yelp. This alerted the Scottish forces, who rallied and defeated the invading Norwegians. From that day forward, the thistle was regarded as the savior of the nation, and was adopted as the national flower of Scotland.

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Picaro for Michael 4


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    April 3, 2013

    I’m Scots, so naturally this has to be a good post. Thanks.

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