HIGHFASHION Essentials: Bolero for V4/A4/G4

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First chapter in ‘HIGHFASHION: Essentials’ brings you a high quality conforming leather bolero jacket for Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and The Girl 4.

The Hi-Quality and highly-detailed 3d mesh comes with 6 hi-res and detailed texture styles, fitting nearly all color combinations perfectly.

All material settings are optimized for Poser 5 and higher and utilize some of Poser’s shaders + take the advantage of specular- and bumpmaps for extra realism and glamour!

Included are different built-in morphs to fit the jacket to some of V4s and A4s Bodymorphs and also features a fit for the Girl 4 bodymorph. Also included are several Adjustment Morphs and Fit Morphs to fit the jacket to other clothing pieces. All morphs are listed on the MORPHS list below.

The bolero jacket comes with a big set of special “Open Morphs”. Have a look at the pictures below to see some of them!

To save memory and harddrive space, we included all the Morphs as seperate INJ / REM group files for you to simply choose and apply the morphs to the jacket. For example you only want to have the V4++ Morphs applied to the jacket because you do not own Aiko 4, you can just apply the V4++ Fit Morphs with a single click and save a lot of memory for Morphs you do not need. Or you do not want to use any of V4’s bodymorphs, you could just apply the FX Morphs and work with them.


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