High Garden Outfit For Genesis 2 Female(s)

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Adrift in dreaminess and a sense of wonder. Equipped with a pair of boots and ever-flowing frills, doth command the flux of winds.

Fits the fantasy needs of Victoria 6, Stephanie 6, Giselle 6, Gia 6, Olympia 6, The Girl 6 and Aiko 6. Comes with style and movement morphs for that added flexibility.

High Garden Outfit For Genesis 2 Female(s): (.DUF)
High Garden Tunic:
High Garden Tunic HD
Collar Fold Left
Collar Fold Right
Collar Narrow-Wide
Collar Open-Close
Collar Short-Long
Kneel Left
Kneel Right
Left Bend Back
Left Bend Front
Left Shin Bend
Left Shin Side-Side
Left Shin Twist
Left Side-Side
Left Twist
Right Bend Back
Right Bend Front
Right Shin Bend
Right Shin Side-Side
Right Shin Twist
Right Side-Side
Right Twist
Sit Left
Sit Legs Straight Left
Sit Legs Straight Right
Sit Legs Straight
Sit Right
Skirt Asymmetrical Left
Skirt Asymmetrical Right
Skirt Back Bulge
Skirt Balloon-Tapered 1
Skirt Balloon-Tapered 2
Skirt Bottom Wide-Narrow 1
Skirt Bottom Wide-Narrow 2
Skirt Lace Narrow-Wide 1
Skirt Lace Narrow-Wide 2
Skirt Short-Long 1
Skirt Short-Long 2
Skirt Style 1
Skirt Style 2
Skirt Twist Down Left
Skirt Twist Down Right
Skirt Twist Mid Left
Skirt Twist Mid Right
Skirt Twist Up Left
Skirt Twist Up Right
Skirt Wide 1
Skirt Wide 2
Skirt Wind Back
Skirt Wind Front
Skirt Wind Left
Skirt Wind Right
Sleeves Narrow
Sleeves Wide
Waist Curve 1
Waist Curve 2
Waist High-Low
Waist Straight
High Garden Boots:
High Garden Boots HD
Boots Asymmetrical Left
Boots Asymmetrical Right
Heels Long-Short
Heels Thin-Thick
Shin Balloon
Shin Long-Short 1
Shin Long-Short 2
Shin Tight 1
Shin Tight 2
Shin Wide 1
Shin Wide 2
Strap Unfasten Left
Strap Unfasten Right
Toe Adjust
Toe Narrow-Wide
Toe Short-Long
Toe Thin-Thick
Toe Up
Supported Genesis 2 Female Shapes:
DOMINA – Character
Aiko 6
Gia 6
Giselle 6
Olympia 6
Stephanie 6
The Girl 6
Victoria 6
Other Shapes supported in DAZ Studio by Auto-follow
1 Set of Materials for DAZ Studio and Reality:
Siren for Tunic and Boots
2 Light Presets:
Dramatic Lights
Neutral Lights
Reality Materials User Guide
13 Texture, Bump, Displacement and Specular Maps (4096 x 4096)
02 Texture Maps (2000 x 2000)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)


VH Bonnie
Disco Flair - V4 Outfit

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