High Elf Defenders

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They rush through the forest like a wind, feet jumping from rock to rock, bodies darting between branches like a herd of deer. Their eyes search the shadowy brush for their prey…Dark Elves. The High Elf Defenders have been summoned to protect and defend the forest from the wicked forces of the Dark Elven Queen of Shadows.

This highly-detailed texture set for the Courageous package provides the perfect look for your fantasy artwork. Complete textures are also provided for the ‘V4 Morphing Cloak and Cape’ and the ‘V4 Hooded Cloak’ sets.

Fully compatible with Poser 5, 6, and DAZ Studio; High Elf Defenders thrusts your artwork into the deep green heart of the Elven forest, and into the centuries-old war against the forces of darkness.

Required Products
Courageous for V4
V4 Hooded Cloak
V4 Morphing Cloak and Cape

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